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We back diverse founders
of all genders


We target four gender gaps through our investments

The Gender Wealth Gap

It isn't just the Gender Pay Gap that contributes to women's lower wealth, additional factors such as lower confidence and higher risk aversion also contribute to women saving less for retirement.

The Gender Health Gap

A lack of funding into women's conditions, underrepresentation of women in health studies, failure to sex-disaggregate data, and trivialisation of women's complaints all contribute to a Gender Health Gap.

The Gender Leisure Gap

Women have less leisure time than men, driven largely by the inequitable distribution of care work, with women spending 2-10x more time on unpaid care work globally than men.

The Gender Confidence Gap

The confidence of girls plummets from age 8 and this loss of confidence persists in later years affecting educational choices and career progression.

Our mission makes good business sense.

Women are an increasingly powerful demographic.
Not only do women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing decisions, global female income is also growing at a 10% CAGR, reaching $24tn in 2020.

We are willing to bet that women will pay for solutions that increase their wealth, health, leisure time and confidence.

Our Impact


Closing gender gaps and improving women's lives at the product & service level.


Investing in diverse founders
from all walks of life.


Supporting founders with the adoption of
ESG best practices.

What is Gender-Smart Investing?

Gender-smart investing is a new and growing investment practice that focuses on directing capital to advance gender equality.

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